Capstone Program

Our Capstone program is a globally unique educational program led by successful industry professionals. The leaders have prepared real-life case-based scenarios and throughout the program, they simulate situations that the participants will face once they begin their professional careers

Do you want your students to experience how it feels to be a real architect? Entrepreneur? Lawyer? Or software engineer? We pack everything your students need into one program – the ECCEDU Capstone program.  

Our vision is to engage companies in education! And what is a better learning path for students than learning from a business owner’s true failures and successes? This harmony is a cornerstone of our capstone programs.

Work experience is invaluable and a key way of standing out in a pool of applicants. Our capstone projects are founded on this idea.


How is the Capstone program different from any other program we offer? 

Once students complete the educational section of the program, they engage together in their capstone project, which will be structured, unified for all, and will include real-life scenarios. Irrespectively whether the case will be resulting from the past or future of the company, it is absolutely certain that the results will be considered, implemented, and communicated to the leadership of the capstone provider.. It is absolutely certain that the results of these capstones will be considered, implemented, and communicated to capstone provider leadership.

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Speakers who delivered ECCEDU real-life-based programs were from companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Facebook (META), Coca-Cola, Unicredit Bank, Moodys, HSBC, Novartis, and many others. For detailed references, have a look at our list of speakers.


ECCEDU standard suggested structure (flexible): 2 weeks of classes combined with a 1-week capstone project case study at the end! Students will not only get around 20 different real-life-based workshops. More importantly, they will go through the final project during which they will be mentored by industry experts from a company of your choice. It is up to you whether you want to prepare your students of architecture, IT, law, business for their lives after university and the moments when they begin their professional careers.. We will help you to arrange everything for them to be ready to succeed!

Program Location

Wherever you and your students need it. It can be on the other side of the planet but also near to your university delivered online!

We have experience with running our programs in various European countries and the Middle East together with our partners. Nevertheless, we can design the program the way you need it and at the location of your preference to maximize the impact on your students!


Every group of students is individually discussed with our partners, including payment terms. The overall pricing is therefore decided by the end, once the final arrangements are confirmed. The key pricing variables typically include the location of the program, package structure (accommodation, meals etc.), detailed educational content, overall length, and case study provider profile.

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