Experiential Erasmus+ Internship Program

Do you want your students to experience professionally managed Erasmus+ internship experience?

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These exact programs are designed along with our partners, not only to provide students with 2 (or more) months of international work experience but we additionally add to these lectures covering essential skills and combine them with alumni webinars.

We take a vision of the European Union and make it worth it for students without needing to blindly contact hundreds of European companies and hoping to secure an internship. Consequently, the ECCEDU program is perfectly aligned with Erasmus+ funding requirements and does not bring any additional burden to students or universities.

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Individually structured to meet the needs of every partner university. Aside from MoU being signed and overall coordination, every relationship is then formed directly with students provided with Erasmus+ confirmed funding status by our partner universities.

Acceptance Requirements

English level C1, Advanced stage of study (At least finished 2nd year) and secured Erasmus+ program funding from your university

Structure & Location

Length: 8+ weeks of internship fulfilling all requirements of Erasmus+ funding, 8 professionally and experiential based lectures on core skills required in each field plus free of charge access to ECCEDU community webinars

Location: Any European country of the student's choice. Lectures are delivered traditionally in Prague, webinars accessible from everywhere online


Ranges from 1.000 to 2.000 EUR (Costs can be fully recovered from Erasmus+ funding provided to your university. We require to have at least a formal MoU signed with our partner universities to make sure that we can coordinate in the case of any emergency situation.

Would you like to consult with us Experiential Erasmus+ Internship Program?

Let us know by filling the form below. Even if we do not work on it together, we would be happy to help you and set you in the right direction by using valuable feedback from hundreds of global companie we have been working with.


If we do not get back to you in 24 hours, feel free to call us or contact us via office@eccedu.net and one of our team members will reply shortly.