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We do not just want to help a few of you, we want to help everybody. Sharing know-how is our passion. We care deeply about sustainability and helping future generations to achieve success. No matter what background you come from! Our brand new, fully online experience shares the success stories, knowledge, ideas, and vision of market leaders engaged in education. On a regular basis (approximately every second week), we organize webinars where everyone is welcomed

What is the cost ? Free of charge!

Our Vision

We want to support our students not only with the field know-how and experience but also with connectivity. By joining our webinars, you will not only meet, brainstorm, and network with our speakers but also with our other alumni and students. Our vision is for students to be empowered to make an impact on their environments!

Our Mission

We want to inspire, give you a safety net, help you to establish your initial network, and most importantly let you understand what is ahead of you. 

Something that universities historically struggled with and always will. This is why our concept is perfectly aligned with theirs and more importantly your top priorities. Moreover, our webinars are accessible to students from every part of the world! No matter the background, race, gender, or professional focus. Why? Because our speakers are so experienced that everyone can learn from them easily. So, tune in and listen to the school of life!

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Speaker: Mária Čulenová, Senior Designer at Lasvit
Topic: Glass Design
Date: Thursday, 20/01/2022
Time: 3 PM CEST (UTC+1)
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