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Welcome reception

First-time meeting opportunity for students, company representatives, and eccedu team at our networking event.

Week 1

Career Development & Orientation

ESG World

People Strategy & HR

ESG Reporting

Corporate Innovations

Architecture & Sustainability

Community Farm (Field Trip)

Waste Management

Ecological Footprint & its Consequences

Sustainable Supply Chain

Week 2

Project Work Description &

Project Team Formation

Systematic Thinking
& Green Deal

Corporate Public Affairs

Sustainable Product Design

Product Design Methodology

Business Case Projection

Impact Determination
& Evaluation

Entrepreneurship (Field Trip)

Week 3

Project Review/Coaching

Networking & Partnership Building

Project Implementation

Impact Investment Funding

Public Presentation

Sustainability & Event

Copywriting & Key Message Delivery

Pitch Competition

Reflections & Coaching

Greenwashing & Marketing​

Graduation Ceremony

Receive your well-deserved certificates in a vibrant networking atmosphere at our grand event.

Week 4 - 7

Gain firsthand experience as part of a team at a renowned company for a full month.

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Corporate Innovations

In this lesson, we’ll be exploring corporate innovations. We’ll discuss what these are, why they’re important, and how you can create an innovative culture in your organization. Sustainability innovations are not an easy process and it is better to be ready.

People Strategy & HR

We’ll discuss the importance of these functions and how to effectively manage them. You’ll learn about the latest trends and best practices in the industry, and how to apply them in your own organization.

ESG Reporting

ESG Reporting is a process of disclosing environmental, social and governance information. This type of reporting is becoming increasingly important as investors seek out companies that are sustainable and responsible.