Short-term Internship Programs

ECCEDU was established to provide a long-term solution to the excessively theoretical nature of education systems and unstructured career consulting. We bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-life experience while strengthening the theoretical foothold universities provide. We believe that the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is an essential prerequisite for the students to become successful in their chosen fields.

Our short-term programs combined with guaranteed internships are focused on Law, International Business, Architecture, and Information Technology. Our programs consist of 3 weeks of intensive practical courses and 4 weeks of internship in one of our 500 partner international companies across Europe, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. All of them are highly credible, immensely relevant, and happy to help you with your development!

New York & Silicon Valley

International Business

Are you a graduate or a college student with an appetite for practical experience? Join our short-term educational programs!
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Concept of Teaching and Learning Methods
During the first part of our programs, students will go through a series of 30 sessions delivered by highly skilled professionals. Our only rule is - no academics, no mentors, no coaches, no ex-managers but only those who are currently in the industry to deliver these sessions. The sessions will each be delivered differently in the form of workshops, field trips, and lectures. The key is for the professionals to share the most up-to-date experience with you.
Each one of our students will get a chance not only to learn from reputable and well established professionals in the field but also to experience everything first-hand during internships at various companies. ECCEDU has over 500 partners located across various countries where our students are placed on a regular basis. More importantly, you will not do repetitive work but be part of the team to really learn and understand how your respective field looks like. And because we want to be fair, ECCEDU internships are always allocated on a competitive basis. Every student will therefore have a chance to select any internships he/she wants as long as he/she outperforms other interested students.
Graduation and Credits​
Why join the ECCEDU programs? Not solely for academic credits but to focus on personal and professional growth by traveling the world, gaining valuable work experience and engaging with experts in their fields. At ECCEDU, we fill your CV and mind which will make you stand out from people around you. Because what truly matters is experience. A piece of paper these days is not the factor, your personality and overall profile are.
Grand Reception​
All ECCEDU students will have a chance to join our opening Grand Reception where they can network with our partners and top leadership representatives. The hundreds of potential connections are another example of our vision. Why discuss networking in the classroom, when it can be done in real life!
Entertainment ​
We do not want you to only study. Those who are interested will be invited to join our extracurricular activities, such as karaoke nights, laser tag games, escape rooms, barbecue, or just enjoy shopping for traditional products. All of these activities can be either coordinated by us or you can go on your own. At the end of a day, we want to help you to develop as an individual and not to force you to participate in activities you might not enjoy.

We bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-life experience

Do you want to see our team, our students, our partners, our vision? Have a look at our introduction and let us know your thoughts. Our goal is to help you to succeed by providing you with everything you need to land your impactful and satisfying first job! 

Scholarship Support

Do you love our vision and real-life learning from the most successful people in the field? Do you need a career boost but struggle with finances? Do you feel that your energy and talent should be recognized and supported? We want to help! We cannot support everyone but we want to do our best!

Do you really want to join our programs but struggle financially?

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please contact our on-boarding team on

This scholarship can save up to 50 percent of the program fee if you are accepted for it. The number of awardees is limited. You will be asked to provide us with a min. 2-page long explanation on why you deserve our support.

However, if you do not have financial problems, we would like to encourage you to proceed in a standard way. We want to award this option only to those really struggling and needing our support.

This discount is suitable for groups of friends or classmates, and it can also be offered to universities or agencies planning to send a group on our programs. 

Do you know people around you who might benefit from our programs? If you register as a group, we can provide all of you with a multiple discount.

Please contact our on-boarding team on for more details.  Right after your group passes the entry interview, we will award you with our discount accordingly. The amount depends on the number of people traveling together - the more, the bigger saving.  

Are you really active on social media and do you want to share more about your studies?

Please contact our on-boarding team on and let us know about it.

Since you will be helping us with authentic communication, we would like to appreciate your efforts, energy & commitment by giving you nice freebies during your travels! We will not influence what you share or write, we just want to make sure that you will feel appreciated by us!

Some of our programs have also announced name scholarships.

These scholarships cover the entire tuition and either recognize individuals important for our programs historically or are supported by our partner companies.

At this moment, one scholarship is available named after Milan Svatek. Milan was the father of our European Architecture & Design program who unfortunately passed away in 2021 during the pandemic time. He was a brilliant individual as you can see from some of our videos. To honor him, we have decided to award every year one of the candidates with a Milan Svatek scholarship. What we care about is to learn how this individual would love to impact the world and how he/she would benefit from our programs.

The scholarship applications are accepted for all our European programs, the deadline for applying is May 15 each year. The application must include your CV and at least a 2-page long essay addressing both above-mentioned points.

Please send the application to and wait for our confirmation. If you do not receive it within 24 hours, notify us! 

If you are awarded this scholarship and you already paid for our program, we will refund you proportionally.