The beginning of a brilliant career

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The only educational programs abroad with internships

The beginning of
a brilliant career

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The only educational programs abroad with internships

ECCEDU's courses and programs prepare
students to start a career in their chosen field

I am not a student. I am a ...

Welcome!  to a place where we explore topics that empower you to bridge the transition from graduation to the professional world. This …

Study Abroad

Take studies outside of your home country and experience life and study abroad.

Guaranteed Internship

We work with more than 500 companies, allowing our students to get four weeks of work experience.

Practical Lectures

Launch your career with three weeks of lectures from seasoned professionals.

Guaranteed internship

placement during enrolment

500+ partner companies

across the world


before, during, and after your program

1,000 careers boosted

in the last 6 years

Invest in a life-changing

“ECCEDU program brought me a lot of professional and personal experience.  Especially the work with professionals during workshops and internship gave me a lot of practical IT and related skills which I can easily utilize to boost my future career.”

“Unforgettable experience! I was lucky to be part of the IT program in the summer of 2022 in Prague and was truly amazed by the program’s unique structure. I had a great chance to explore a wide range of profession-related topics, introduced directly by industry leaders, which gave me as much as possible from studying. Also, it was a pleasure to get to know students from different backgrounds.The program overall gave me tons of experience from a different angle of view. Highly recommended!”

“ECCEDU gave me a wonderful working experience and made my summer one of the best of my entire life. I like combining studies with travelling. This organization inspired me to develop myself professionally and continue gaining new knowledge. I recommend ECCEDU to all students seeking practical experience in the working environment. The ECCEDU team is very supportive and operative. I enjoyed cooperating with it. An interactive approach to lectures is the most catchy feature to me, speakers are wonderful and inspiring always trying to answer all questions. To sum up I want to say that ECCEDU is a unique educational centre with the idea to provide not just lectures but internships in real companies. I am very satisfied and happy to be a part of the summer program.”

“Attended the architecture program. Hands down!! I had the best two months. I figured out what I’d like to do with my life, got a job offer and made friends totally irreplaceable. It was really amazing. The lectures, the lecturers, the events, the internship, the students – all. In the local culture, you get to immerse yourself and interact with a vibrant international crowd. A perfect opportunity to educate yourself as a whole, not as a student, but as a human. I’d recommend it completely!!!”

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