To ensure that our programs are accessible to all qualified individuals, we offer two types of scholarships annually.

Social Scholarship

We offer up to 50% discount off the program fee for eligible applicants. Limited spots are available to ensure assistance goes to those who truly need it.

full Scholarship

One full scholarship per program is opened every year, because we care about giving a chance to those who can not afford our programs.

Apply for the scholarship

    Due to the high level of competition and thorough evaluation process, we can only offer the full scholarship to one outstanding applicant. Social scholarships are also limited to students who we believe truly deserve and need them.

    Essay should answer these questions:
    What difference would you like to make in your field?
    How would our programs help you achieve that goal?

    If you prefer not to share your video publicly or do not have an Instagram account, you can send it securely to us via WeTransfer to