Advanced Erasmus+ Internship Program

Do you want to travel abroad and experience a real work environment there?


Are you tired of contacting hundreds of firms without getting any reply from them?


Do you not want to waste your time and rather jump to meaningful work?


The European Union and ECCEDU will support you!

Register for our Advanced Erasmus+ Internship program and get an experience like nowhere else. You will study abroad, create your network, and get know-how from the industry. And most importantly, it will not cost you any money. 

Acceptance Requirements

English level C1, advanced stage of study (finished at least 2nd year) and secured Erasmus+ program funding from your university.

Length & Location

Length: 8+ weeks of internship fulfilling all requirements of Erasmus+ funding, 8 professionally and experiential-based lectures on core skills required in each field plus free of charge accessto ECCEDU community webinars.

Location: Any European country of the student's choice. Lectures are delivered traditionally in Prague, webinars are accessible from everywhere.


Range from 1.000 to 2.000 EUR The costs can be fully recovered from Erasmus+ funding provided to your university. We require to have at least a formal MoU signed with our partner universities to make sure that we can everything coordinate in case of any emergency situation. If your university is not yet our partner, just let us know and we will take care of it for you.

Start your career.
Study and work abroad.

    And you are done!

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