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EDMUNDO offers vocational and educational counseling, for students from Romania, Greece or abroad. Our EDMUNDO advisors help the youngsters to become students at their chosen university, regardless of the destination (Europe, USA or Asia). From finding out which university options and study programs best suit one’s criteria, to checking the eligibility of the student’s profile and applying to the university, an EDMUNDO counselor is together with them in this journey to always support and advise them.

During our collaboration with the students, we develop relationships and sometimes the students get back to us asking us about the next steps in their career after graduation, or sometimes they have a compulsory internship as part of their study course. This is where ECCEDU fits perfectly in their need, and we are more than confident that an internship through ECCEDU can further develop their career.

The goal of the organization is to strengthen the regions of Slovakia through the development of high school students, the creation of communities and the meaningful projects that have a positive impact on the environment, and to ensure that young people are better prepared for the future. The intention of DASATO is to educate value-oriented young people for the change of Slovakia directly in the regions, who will be actively involved in public events or create their own, innovative projects, thanks to self-knowledge, acquired skills, work on projects in practice and a community of engaged people.

The organization develops young people, prepares them for the future and innovates education in Slovakia through 4 pillars:
– 21st century skills: cooperation and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking, problem solving are key skills for the personal, academic and career direction of young people. Many of the skills of the 21st century are also needed when establishing your own project/social innovation/startup or company;
– Practice: we create opportunities for students to apply theoretical skills in practice. They acquire these through practical projects assigned by external organizations, their own projects created by students themselves, or through internships and job opportunities from the private, public, and non-profit sectors;
– Self-awareness: we help students get to know themselves, their goals, strengths and weaknesses and provide them with support in solving the issues they are currently struggling with;
– Community: students and young people, experts, mentors, lecturers, or friends of the program. All of them contribute to the development of students through regular workshops, an individual mentoring program or inspiring discussions. Thanks to the community, students gain inspiration to change their surroundings at a young age and at the same time stay or return to Slovakia.

The organization tries to fulfill the 4 pillars of the mission in accordance with the values: engagement, mutual respect, innovativeness, humility, ethics, helping others, with which it tries to develop young people in the regions of Slovakia within the organization.

DASATO shares the vision and values of the organization ECCEDU – to develop young people and prepare them for practice. It is an important mission that we have in common. Our specialty is the focus on innovative education. Therefore, if you are interested in education, innovations in education or the development of young people, you are in the right place! 

keySkillset is a US-based company operating since 2017, which has developed a Guided Simulation Learning Management System that helps facilitate practice as you learn. At keySkillset, we strive to help our learners optimize their time through active learning, which reduces the learning time by 40%. Our hands-on, interactive solutions include spaced repetitions that stimulate muscle memory, which has a positive impact on knowledge retention by 90%. We are empowering the leaders of tomorrow with adequate skills.

We believe the keySkillset visions align with ECCEDU visions, i.e. helping the students to be prepared for their professional lives by upskilling. keySkillset offers a unique Guided Simulation learning platform that adapts to the active learning method, which helps the learners retain what they have learnt at a higher rate than if they learnt it through the passive method (video, audio or text). Active learning with spaced repetition through a guided simulation is the best way to develop any skill which is proven by research. So, it will be adequate for the students who are stepping into their professional lives. In this competitive world having the required industry skills is always an upper hand. We hope to partner with ECCEDU so we can empower the leaders of tomorrow with adequate skills together.

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TEREZA is a non-governmental non-profit organization fostering environmental education at schools in the Czech Republic (Czechia). We deliver our awarded innovative programs to over 200.000 children participants a year. Our vision is a society of people who love nature and the place where they live, who understand their environment and who act in accordance with sustainable development. We focus on environmental education for primary and secondary schools all over Czechia. We support schools, teachers and parents through programs, training and materials. TEREZA is a part of international networks. We are a member of Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) as well as the GLOBE Program. We host a Region Coordination Office (RCO) of the GLOBE Program for Europe and Eurasia area. 

TEREZA organization shares the same values with ECCEDU – We believe in quality education for young people that enables them to face global challenges. Through our international programs, we focus on environmental and innovative education. It is our mutual responsibility to support and help young people to grow.

Igniting Lifelong Learning Through Innovation – At Enable Education, we believe in the transformative power of learning. Our focus is on creating immersive, learner-centred solutions that is both accessible and impactful, ensuring every learning journey we create is a transformative experience. We work with chief executives and HR managers to elevate and implement effective workplace learning experiences. We design the tools and experiences that bridge the gap between learning and doing, to keep your employees engaged and productive.

To partner with ECCEDU would align with Enable Education’s mission of enriching education through innovative and engaging learning solutions. ECCEDU’s commitment to student success, community enrichment, and providing accessible, quality education resonates with our goals of transforming educational experiences. Our expertise in creating immersive content and leveraging technology for learning would complement ECCEDU’s mission to offer lifelong learning and training for career advancement, building a partnership with a shared vision for educational excellence.

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Sidekick empowers companies to enhance their learning and development with innovative solutions. Specializing in live learning platforms, Sidekick supports virtual, in-person, and hybrid training environments. With a focus on engagement and retention, their services extend to custom course development tailored from company content, and a Facilitator Hero Program that equips trainers with the tools for success. Sidekick’s interactive features and custom integrations ensure that learning is not just effective but also enjoyable and adaptable to various learning contexts.

Sidekick’s live learning platform, designed for interactivity and engagement, would complement ECCEDU’s hands-on approach to education, which includes practical lectures and guaranteed internships as a core part of their programs. By partnering, Sidekick could enhance ECCEDU’s already robust offerings, providing a dynamic platform to further bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world application. This collaboration could offer ECCEDU students an enriched, tech-forward educational experience, leveraging Sidekick’s commitment to innovation in live and interactive sessions. Together, both entities could elevate the learning experience, preparing students for successful careers with practical knowledge and skills.

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ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is the Card that identifies thousands of students around the world. It plays a very important role in improving intercultural relations and creating educational opportunities. In addition, it offers the student thousands of advantages and benefits to make this stage the most fun and enriching.

We want to help students to carry out their school internships in other countries in the best centers so that they can live an unforgettable and beneficial experience in their academic stage.

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Professional Masterclass Academy (PMA) offers coaching for professional growth. We aim to advance careers through industry expert-led programs and mentorships. We also enrich the experience with monthly guest lectures and collaborations with educational institutions.

We are thrilled to partner with ECCEDU as our missions align. At PMA, we are dedicated to creating networking opportunities to foster meaningful connections and broaden exposure, and believe that this partnership with ECCEDU will help us make that happen.

Contact PMA directly and use ECCEDU as a code to get a 10% discount for any of their programs of your choice.

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