Tailor-made Program

Elevate your students' education

Join us to offer your students a truly impactful and career-focused experience. All the skills and experiences they need for success, packed into one transformative program.

We engage companies in the education of the coming generation

Our study abroad programs are like no other. We partner with universities, listen carefully to their needs, and then deliver on their vision but structured around an industry-designed curriculum.

Made for your students

With a 6-month lead time, we can design and launch a cutting-edge program in any field you need.

Proven structure

ECCEDU standard and suggested structure: 2-3 weeks of classes combined with possible 1 month (or longer) add-on internship experience!

Tailored pricing

Our pricing is based on the specific details of each program, including location, package options educational content, length, and internship structure

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Experiential Erasmus+ Internship Program

Enhance Your Students' Experience

Provide your students with a high-quality Erasmus+ experience

Streamline Your Erasmus+ Internship Process​

Our program is perfectly aligned with Erasmus+ funding requirements

Tailored Programs to Meet Your Students Needs​

Designed with 500+ partner companies around the world

Acceptance Requirements

English level C1

Advanced stage of study (At least finished 2nd year)

Secured Erasmus+ program funding from your university

Structure & Location

8+ weeks of internship

8 professionally and experiential based lectures on core skills

Internships are located in any European country of the student's choice.

Lectures are traditionally held in Prague


1.000 to 2.000 EUR (Costs can be fully recovered from Erasmus+ funding provided to your university.

We require to have at least a formal MoU signed with our partner universities to make sure that we can coordinate in the case of any emergency situation.

Capstone Program

Elevate Your Students' Education

Provide your students with an educational program that sets them apart in their professional careers

Real-Life Scenarios Led by Industry Professionals​

An opportunity to learn situations that participants will encounter in their professional careers

Learn from Business Owners' Failures and Successes​

There is no better way for students to learn than by studying real-life examples of business owners’ experiences


ECCEDU standard suggested structure (flexible): 2 weeks of classes combined with a 1-week capstone project case study at the end!

Program Location

Wherever you and your students need it. It can be on the other side of the planet but also near to your university delivered online!


Every group of students is individually discussed with our partners, including payment terms.