Winter Program 2025

International Business


13th of January - 24th of January

Language - English

Learning From Doers

We collaborate with companies to provide you with a hands-on experience

Do not think about this as some summer school. This program will equip you with skills and knowledge that are essential for success in the current job market. 

Examples of companies we work with on business programs.

All you need is the will to enhance your skills and at least B2-level English.​

Programs are made for students, recent graduates, or young professionals with a curious mind, passionate about the field and hungry to learn.

One of the best lectures I could attend was about intercultural communication. We talked about how even the tiniest details make a difference in every culture's colour and traditions. Everything is about perspectives. Thank you, Eva Svejdarova, for sharing such important information with us.
Carlo Leonardo De Los Santos Buleje
ECCEDU is a program that provides you with fresh perspectives. From the moment you arrive, you meet people from different nationalities and backgrounds, which may be challenging at first but rewarding for your self-growth. The lectures given by professionals with years of experience are an excellent way of learning the applicability of some subjects you see in college. The ECCEDU team is fantastic and makes you feel welcome from the get-go.
Jorge Adalberto Corea Gonzalez
I was able to get a job thanks to ECCEDU, and I'll be continuing my summer job and evaluating in the business world! What a fantastic opportunity!
Urszula Arlt-Stelmachowska

Meet your peers from all around the world

Learn soft and hard skills

Business Development


Human Resource Management


Corporate Operations

Financial Management

Product Design & Launch

Public Presentation & Personal Branding

Banking & Finance

Legal Business Basics

While we ensure an internship placement, its specific assignment will be based on your level of preparedness and skills​

We are actively expanding our network of partner companies to provide you with valuable experiences that will accelerate your career journey

From enrolment to the conclusion of the program, we offer comprehensive support, including access to alumni groups for ongoing connections and engagement.

With 6 years of experience, our programs have been dedicated to enhancing education by offering innovative approach to learning.

What happens after I apply?

Choose Your Specialisation and Apply

Apply here. We will contact you via email shortly after your application!

Schedule a Meeting and Submit Your CV

To move forward with your application, you'll need to schedule a meeting with a student counselor and email us your CV. All necessary links can be found in the onboarding email.


After assessing your English proficiency using your CV and enrolment meeting, we'll determine your program eligibility. If you're approved, we'll secure your spot in the program upon receiving payment.


Throughout this process, don't hesitate to contact us. While visa procedures and accommodation aren't a part of the program, we're more than willing to assist you in any way we can.

Are you seeking a scholarship?

We prioritize hands-on experience and contact with professionals. We value soft skills as much as hard skills, and we focus on current topics. Our program aims to show you what lies ahead after you finish university. It updates you on the trends within your subject and helps you build your international network. From our own experience, we know these can help you build a strong foundation for a successful career and give you an edge in your first job applications.

In addition to engaging lectures and valuable internships, our program offers a diverse range of experiences. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, language, and cuisine of the host city through field trips and networking events, both small and large. This year, we are also adding a project part component where you can test and improve your soft and hard skills under the mentorship of seasoned professionals.

ECCEDU reserves the right to cancel a program should we not have a sufficient number of participants and/or should there be circumstances avoiding us to design and develop a program in the desired acceptable quality. ECCEDU will notify each applicant at least 4 weeks prior to the official program start. ECCEDU guarantees to work with each applicant individually on the best possible solution for both parties, including offering an alternative program at a different location and/or during a different time period, postponing the program to the following year, securing modified services such as an internship requested by the student, etc. ECCEDU will provide a full refund in case the program is fully cancelled and no alternatives are possible or acceptable for the applicant.

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