Program for Highschoolers - 2025

Confident university Choice

Explore and Choose Your Path


14th of July - 25th of July

"75% of high school graduates reported feeling only moderately, slightly, or not at all prepared to make decisions regarding college and careers after graduation."

Sucesfull career is starting with the right profession choice

We understand the uncertainty of university choices in high school.

Our program is designed to provide high school students with clarity about their future and offer them international experience.

This program is for students who...

  • Are prepared to find a good university
  • Are frustrated by the lack of solid career information
  • Are finishing high school without a clear path forward

Now imagine if you could…

  • Stop struggling with your career choice
  • Gain confidence in your university and career selection
  • Achieve clarity on your future goals

Statistics are clear. The drop-out rate from universities is getting larger every year. More and more people are finding their purpose and work despite their university majors. Our vast network of partner companies allows students to get insight into professions they might never consider or to understand the pros and cons of the career path they already picked. In 30 blocks, students will meet professionals from various positions and with different seniority levels. Those professions will represent potential futures for students, such as medical doctors, lawyers, designers, sales managers, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, librarians, architects, coders, project managers, psychiatrists, hotel managers, etc. 

The greatest advantage of ECCEDU is not only the obvious fact that you gain new valuable knowledge and expand your horizons, but you also get the opportunity to meet interesting, successful, and influential specialists in your field.
Anastasiia Kukharska
I liked the course, the lectures and speakers, the organization. ECCEDU is a serious educational institution.
Bruna Álvares da Silva Mariano
That was a great three weeks. I met a lot of friends, future colleagues and absolutely interesting people. I am grateful to every speaker, that shared his experience with us.
Askar Asyrankulov
Dubai Program Spotlights
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Cooperation starts with onboarding meeting where we'll determine how best to support your students as they transition to universities or the workplace. Reserve your meeting here.

Special needs

Although the program is open enrollment, we'll do our best to design the program based on your students' preferences.


After processing the payments, you can look forward as we prepare the lectures, shadowing, and accommodation.


As we strive for constant improvement, we'll conclude the program with feedback sessions and one online focus group. This ensures the ongoing growth of our programs.

The career possibilities are endless.

That is scary.

Let's help high schoolers make informed decisions about their .

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We prioritize hands-on experience and contact with professionals. We value soft skills as much as hard skills, and we focus on current topics. Our program aims to show you what lies ahead aof you. It updates you on the trends within your subject and helps you build your international network. From our own experience, we know these can help you build a strong foundation for a successful career and give you an edge in your first job applications.

In addition to engaging lectures, our program offers a diverse range of experiences. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, language, and cuisine of the host city through field trips and networking events, both small and large. This year, we are also adding a project part component where you can test and improve your soft and hard skills under the mentorship of seasoned professionals.

ECCEDU reserves the right to cancel a program should we not have a sufficient number of participants and/or should there be circumstances avoiding us to design and develop a program in the desired acceptable quality. ECCEDU will notify each applicant at least 4 weeks prior to the official program start. ECCEDU guarantees to work with each applicant individually on the best possible solution for both parties, including offering an alternative program at a different location and/or during a different time period, postponing the program to the following year, securing modified services such as an internship requested by the student, etc. ECCEDU will provide a full refund in case the program is fully cancelled and no alternatives are possible or acceptable for the applicant.

Ministry of Industry and Trade​

Since 2020

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic​

Since 2023​

Mayor of Prague​

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