Flexible Study program - 2025

Gain an edge on the competition

Cover business basics and combine them with the topic of your choice


7th of July - 22nd August

Understanding the business is crucial to climb the ladder

Merge business lectures that cover all the necessary basics with topics that are currently impacting global markets.

Business meets ...

Learn the fundamentals of business from experienced professionals through lectures, company visits, and networking events, all while exploring one of the six current topics in focus.

AI is swiftly reshaping the business landscape as big or small companies actively embrace the era of language models. Learn from industry leaders and innovators in AI about how to harness machine learning and deep learning, enhancing efficiency and driving profits.

Here are some example lectures: Business Intelligence & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Ethics, Entrepreneurship & Communication, and Industry Applied Machine Learning & Data Science etc.

In today’s digital era, cybersecurity is turning into a paramount concern. It’s transforming the face of global business, as companies around the world put data protection at the top of their agenda. Learn from industry frontrunners  how to protect digital landscapes and uphold, or even boost, business credibility.

Here are some example lectures: Corporate Functioning, Cybersecurity Compliance & Risk Management, Ethical Hacking, Identity & Access Management, IoT and Mobile Security etc.


Social media and an online presence are now critical components of business strategies globally. Grasping the marketing landscape is a key to succes. Discuss with marketing leaders about creating successful strategies to foster growth and increase brand visibility.

Here are some example lectures: Brand Management, Consumer Behavior & Analytics, Digital Marketing, Emerging Technologies in Marketing, Marketing Analytics etc.


Mechanical engineers design innovative machines and technologies that improve people’s lives. They shape our future by developing everything from sensors and robotics to renewable energy systems.
Emerging technologies are creating new markets and opportunities. Stay updated with the latest trends and build your network with engineering leaders.

Here are some example lectures: Design and validation of electronics, Industrial Robotics, Performance Engineering, Project Management, Sensors etc.


A common mistake artists make is underestimating the importance of business skills. However, business can be as creative and beautiful as art. Consider Picasso for instance. While his art is stunning, his success can be attributed to his understanding of the market.

Meet with gallery owners, learn about the pricing, promotion, and value of art and creativity, and navigate the art market.

Here are some example lectures: Artistic Techniques, Business Basics & Entrepreneurship, Networking & Relationship Building, Personal Branding & Communication, Philanthropy & CSR Corporate Operations etc.


The transition to clean energy is here. Sustainability is rapidly transforming the business landscape worldwide, with Europe leading the charge. Czechia, with its robust industry, is in the midst of a heated transition towards a sustainable future. Learn from leaders and pioneers in sustainability about how to establish a circular economy, while maintaining or even increasing profits.

Here are some example lectures: Energy Management, ESG Reporting, Packaging, Sustainable Finance, Systematic Thinking etc.


Do you...

  • Dream of a future in freelancing, joining a large corporation, or even owning your own company?
  • Understand that business knowledge is beneficial for any career?
  • Want to test and improve your soft skills in an international enviroment?

Now imagine if you could…

  • Connect with successful people of different seniorities
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Understand your worth
  • Enhance your prospects and CV

Being able to sell yourself or your product, network effectively, and conduct pricing and research, provides a crucial advantage in your career. This is not only essential for building your own business, but also an important skill for attaining senior and management positions.

Learn the fundamentals of business from experienced professionals through lectures, company visits, and networking events, all while exploring one of the seven current topics.

The greatest advantage of ECCEDU is not only the obvious fact that you gain new valuable knowledge and expand your horizons, but you also get the opportunity to meet interesting, successful, and influential specialists in your field.
Anastasiia Kukharska
I liked the course, the lectures and speakers, the organization. ECCEDU is a serious educational institution.
Bruna Álvares da Silva Mariano
That was a great three weeks. I met a lot of friends, future colleagues and absolutely interesting people. I am grateful to every speaker, that shared his experience with us.
Askar Asyrankulov

8 years of experience creating practical programs

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The career possibilities are endless.

Travel. Talk. Learn. Meet people.

Make informed decisions about your .

We prioritize hands-on experience and contact with professionals. We value soft skills as much as hard skills, and we focus on current topics. Our program aims to show you what lies ahead after you finish university. It updates you on the trends within your subject and helps you build your international network. From our own experience, we know these can help you build a strong foundation for a successful career and give you an edge in your first job applications.

In addition to engaging lectures and valuable internships, our program offers a diverse range of experiences. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, language, and cuisine of the host city through field trips and networking events, both small and large. This year, we are also adding a project part component where you can test and improve your soft and hard skills under the mentorship of seasoned professionals.

ECCEDU reserves the right to cancel a program should we not have a sufficient number of participants and/or should there be circumstances avoiding us to design and develop a program in the desired acceptable quality. ECCEDU will notify each applicant at least 4 weeks prior to the official program start. ECCEDU guarantees to work with each applicant individually on the best possible solution for both parties, including offering an alternative program at a different location and/or during a different time period, postponing the program to the following year, securing modified services such as an internship requested by the student, etc. ECCEDU will provide a full refund in case the program is fully cancelled and no alternatives are possible or acceptable for the applicant.


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