Program for Juniors & Alumni - 2025

Speed up your progress

Secure a solid future for yourself


14th of July - 25th of July

"Employees who receive regular, relevant learning opportunities are significantly more likely to feel satisfied and engaged at work."

Build a strong foundation for success.

Break the status quo by collaborating with professionals of varying backgrounds and seniority levels.

Build your network.

Identify your goal.

This program is designed for young professionals who...

  • Seek international experience
  • Feel hindered by a lack of practical experience
  • Possess ambition

Now, imagine if you could…

  • Connect with mentors and professionals in your field
  • Hone your soft skills
  • Establish a solid foundation for any future work
  • Enhance your CV
  • Become a sought-after employee

You can find a job, but a career needs to be built. You build your career by working on your soft skills, being open to new experiences, and creating a strong network. Our program helps speed up your progress by allowing you to work on a project with an international group of people under the mentorship of accomplished professionals. We complement this project with 10 on-site lectures, exposing you to different approaches to work, career, and success.

I would like to thank the whole ECCEDU team for all the care and concern they had with us so that our experience was the best possible. I would also like to thank all the speakers who were able to teach us a lot. This summer program was certainly fundamental for the next steps of my professional and personal life.
Luiza Prioste Nery
I am so happy that I was a part of this program. This is my unforgettable and very valuable experience. I met many different interesting people, who were ready to share their experience. I especially remembered the lecture about Corporate Innovation by Petr Vaclavek. It was a perfect combination of new interesting information and just life experience. The organisation of the program were at the highest level. I want to experience it again.
Yuliia Smolinska
This program is an investment in your future work life.
Carlos Fernández Rullo

8 years of experience creating practical programs

Examples of lectures:

Business Development


Product Design & Public Presentation

Project Management

Personal Branding

Dubai Program Spotlights

Application process

Choose Your Specialisation and Apply

Apply here. We will contact you via email shortly after your application!

Schedule a Meeting and Submit Your CV

To move forward with your application, you'll need to schedule a meeting with a student counselor and email us your CV. All necessary links can be found in the onboarding email.


After assessing your English proficiency using your CV and enrolment meeting, we'll determine your program eligibility. If you're approved, we'll secure your spot in the program upon receiving payment.


If you opt for the internship, we need to assess your skills and experience. One meeting will be set up in April - May to match you with the right company. The scheduling link will be sent via email.


Throughout this process, don't hesitate to contact us. While visa procedures and accommodation aren't a part of the program, we're more than willing to assist you in any way we can.

The career possibilities are endless.

Understand the game.

Ideas are cheap. Execution is difficult. .

We prioritize hands-on experience and contact with professionals. We value soft skills as much as hard skills, and we focus on current topics. Our program aims to show you what lies ahead after you finish university. It updates you on the trends within your subject and helps you build your international network. From our own experience, we know these can help you build a strong foundation for a successful career and give you an edge in your first job applications.

In addition to engaging lectures and valuable internships, our program offers a diverse range of experiences. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, language, and cuisine of the host city through field trips and networking events, both small and large. This year, we are also adding a project part component where you can test and improve your soft and hard skills under the mentorship of seasoned professionals.

ECCEDU reserves the right to cancel a program should we not have a sufficient number of participants and/or should there be circumstances avoiding us to design and develop a program in the desired acceptable quality. ECCEDU will notify each applicant at least 4 weeks prior to the official program start. ECCEDU guarantees to work with each applicant individually on the best possible solution for both parties, including offering an alternative program at a different location and/or during a different time period, postponing the program to the following year, securing modified services such as an internship requested by the student, etc. ECCEDU will provide a full refund in case the program is fully cancelled and no alternatives are possible or acceptable for the applicant.

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