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Companies hold the key to preparing students for real-world success

Join us in shaping the future by educating tomorrow's leaders.

ECCEDU programs integrate hands-on experience with career-focused education, recognizing that traditional education alone falls short in delivering the industry context.

That's where you and your company come in!

All we ask is for your involvement in offering lectures or hosting students for unpaid internships. 

Our rule of thumb is that we try to avoid professors, ex-managers, coaches, and mentors. Our approach goes beyond the traditional education by providing students with a real, impactful, and career-driven experience.

Without firms like yours, it would be impossible to deliver on our vision!

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Leverage our extensive network of partnerships and high-profile speakers. Our connections also extend to hundreds of startups, scale-ups, and small firms, offering students a diverse range of experiences from companies of different sizes and missions. Whether they seek a global brand or a more intimate environment, we’ve got them covered.

Because we will give you access to our community of hundreds of companies aligned around the same vision, we will boost your brand awareness and we will be open to be there for you whenever you might need us. Moreover, your employees and colleagues will love sharing with students because it refreshes their own thinking and they help people outside of their own business! It is needless to say that the current world operates in a partnership and community way. By helping the coming generation, you will become part of ours with all the credibility and opportunities it brings.

We sign with our partner’s general framework agreements. Once completed, we individually contact them whenever there is a program we can work on together. It is then fully up to them to decide whether to participate or not. Our only key priority is to have established an efficient channel of communication so we know quickly whether they want to participate or not. By officially signing our cooperation, companies only confirm their commitment of being open to sharing know-how with the coming generation!

Especially to those individuals who lack resources, fight against the odds of gender or race biases, or those who are already talented? We can establish together scholarship funds that will help them financially and the scholarship will be named after your company. If you commit, we as ECCEDU are also ready to co-finance your effort! In this way, we can completely change the career path for these individuals and prepare them together for their future. This applies also to your company directly by offering students as a partner of our program trainee position with you! In this way, you don’t only help students but you also nurture your future employees and commitment towards sustainability and innovation!

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