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The only educational programs abroad with internships.

Our mission is to engage companies in education! Why? Because we aspire to help bridge the gap between academia and professional experiences across various fields and via various channels. Consequently, the goal of ECCEDU is to share experience and inspiration through globally unique educational programs for young and determined students. 

By partnering with leading companies, corporations, institutions, and other impact players, we help students understand what is ahead of them and provide them with everything they need to succeed! Using our key values of authenticity, quality and impact, we have developed tailored programs to help students build the professional future they dream of. 


Are you a student who is looking to build skills in your field before entering the job market and to gain real-life experience? We can help! Have a look at programs we prepare for students and find the perfect one for you!

Our Programs
Short-term Internship Programs
Deep Dive Experience Program
Advanced Erasmus+ Internship Program
Online Webinars


Would you like to help your students gain vital professional experiences outside the classroom? Provide your students with an authentic international program developed hand in hand with leading companies.

We offer the following options for how we work with our partner universities
Tailor-made Program
Capstone Program
Experiential Erasmus+ Internship Program


Would you like to help guide the younger generation by sharing your valuable experiences? At ECCEDU we believe in education and professional development, so we would like to use your know-how and knowledge in your field to inspire our students.

If you want to learn more about how you can get engaged, visit our partners page!


We lead or participate in various activities that align closely with our core values of community sharing and active engagement. We often take part in opportunities to run impactful projects that resonate highly with our mission. Please see a list of our key projects below.

Sustainability (EU Pioneers into practice program)
Leaders Voice (Exclusively CZ Project)

Who is already on board with us providing internships and delivering lectures?

To see the full list of over 450 ECCEDU partners, please visit our page here.