Law program in Dubai is on fire!

Our Law program in Dubai has been well underway with a small, yet enthusiastic group of students accompanied by our dear colleague Milada. Thank you to all our partners across the UAE and beyond for helping us prepare a wonderful study & internship experience!

I have asked Milada what she thought of the lectures, to get a “non-lawyer” perspective. Her descriptions are quite enjoyable. Here are some examples!

Lecture: Career Development & Law Firm Development & CRM
Panellist: Sarah Malik (SOL International)

Sarah is an impressive lawyer with her own firm, she with her two colleagues talked to the students about the development, so they now understand what's awaiting them and what they should focus on - gaining experience, networking, grasping opportunities, working their b*tts off basically :).

Lecture: Employee Well-being & Management
Panellist: Tom Keya (Ruthbergs)

This session was amazing, really funny and inspiring. Students learned how difficult it is to be a lawyer, how many lawyers have mental problems and how important it is to prevent them. Tom Keya started his own firm with the focus on employee well-being , implemented several tactics to keep his employees well (compulsory sport for the employees, company psychiatrist, company events and gatherings, rules for cooperation, etc.). Also he created an app through which he measures the well-being of the employees, so they can stay happy and prevent mental problems.

Lecture: White-collar Crime
Panellist: Zara Merali (Freshfields)

This was a great and interactive session! Students learned a lot about the process of solving these crimes as a lawyer - what the next steps right after the event are, within 48 hours, in the following 48 hours etc. Students were also doing a small workshop.
And...we got amazing homemade cookies :).

Wonderfull times!