ECCEDU is Focusing on Sustainable Future!

There is so much to share about our efforts in the Sustainability area.

Climate-KIC: Pioneers into Practice – This fall saw 3 regular and one exceptional in-person meeting of Pioneers into Practice community of sustainable managers of big companies and organizations operating in our home country Czechia. This year’s participants developed  three (concepts) of inter-company cooperative projects to reduce GHG production:

Construction company Metrostav joined forces with insulation materials producer Saint-Gobain to increase mutual upcycling of residual waste from their respective operations.

Charles University, Tesco Stores, Pilsner Urquell (local part of Asahi Brewing Co.) and Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech republic started developing an advanced scheme on plastic bottles and aluminum cans backup.

Unipetrol (part of PKN Orlen group), Komerční banka ((part of Societé Générale) and Novartis developed a customer-provider-financier scheme enabling the customer’s growing fleet of hydrogen powered vehicles charging from green-hydrogen.

A special meeting of the pan-European climate educators community Climate-KIC that took place in Prague gave space to some of the Czech Pioneers program alumni from Novartis, Red Hat and HERE to share their precious business insight enabling the entire Climate-KIC community consider thinking together and big in their future operations planning.  

Some of the meeting participants and our partners later joined the post COP27 Czech climate movement meeting and continued networking across the climate sector. 

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