Summer Program 2024

Hotel Operations Management


July 8 - August 23

The enrollment for this program is no longer available.

Learn from doers

We collaborate with companies to provide you with a hands-on experience

Do not think about this as some summer school. This program will equip you with skills and knowledge that are essential for success in the current job market. 

Gain international exposure, develop crucial business skills, and make a lasting impact in the hospitality market.

Companies we are working with on this program

Lectures & Internship

2490 €

2205 €

  • 4 weeks of internship (flexibility upon request)

  • Recommendation letter

  • 3 weeks of lectures

  • Networking events

  • Certificate of completion

  • Guided field trip

  • Refreshments during lectures

  • Graduation ceremony & final reception

  • Buddy during the program


1490 €

1205 €

  • 4 weeks of internship

  • Recommendation letter

  • 3 weeks of lectures

  • Networking events

  • Certificate of completion

  • Guided field trip

  • Refreshments during lectures

  • Graduation ceremony & final reception

  • Buddy during the program

All you need is the will to enhance your skills and at least B2-level English.​

Programs are made for students, recent graduates, or young professionals with a curious mind, passionate about the field and hungry to learn.

“ECCEDU program brought me a lot of professional and personal experience.  Especially the work with professionals during workshops and internship gave me a lot of practical IT and related skills which I can easily utilize to boost my future career.”

“Unforgettable experience! I was lucky to be part of the IT program in the summer of 2022 in Prague and was truly amazed by the program’s unique structure. I had a great chance to explore a wide range of profession-related topics, introduced directly by industry leaders, which gave me as much as possible from studying. Also, it was a pleasure to get to know students from different backgrounds.The program overall gave me tons of experience from a different angle of view. Highly recommended!”

“ECCEDU gave me a wonderful working experience and made my summer one of the best of my entire life. I like combining studies with travelling. This organization inspired me to develop myself professionally and continue gaining new knowledge. I recommend ECCEDU to all students seeking practical experience in the working environment. The ECCEDU team is very supportive and operative. I enjoyed cooperating with it. An interactive approach to lectures is the most catchy feature to me, speakers are wonderful and inspiring always trying to answer all questions. To sum up I want to say that ECCEDU is a unique educational centre with the idea to provide not just lectures but internships in real companies. I am very satisfied and happy to be a part of the summer program.”

“Attended the architecture program. Hands down!! I had the best two months. I figured out what I’d like to do with my life, got a job offer and made friends totally irreplaceable. It was really amazing. The lectures, the lecturers, the events, the internship, the students – all. In the local culture, you get to immerse yourself and interact with a vibrant international crowd. A perfect opportunity to educate yourself as a whole, not as a student, but as a human. I’d recommend it completely!!!”

Meet your peers from all around the world

Learn the business part in hospitality!

Hotel Operations Management

Finance, Budgeting & Revenue Management

Food & Beverage Management



Customer Service

Facility Management

Digitalisation & Event Technology

Event Design

Corporate & Conference Management

Entertainment & Team-building Events

HR Management

Event Sponsorship

While we ensure an internship placement, its specific assignment will be based on your level of preparedness and skills​.

We are actively expanding our network of partner companies to provide you with valuable experiences that will accelerate your career journey.

From enrollment to the conclusion of the program, we offer comprehensive support, including access to alumni groups for ongoing connections and engagement.

With 6 years of experience, our programs have been dedicated to enhancing education by offering innovative approach to learning.

Can I get a scholarship for ECCEDU programs?

With a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, students have the opportunity to participate in valuable internships in the hospitality industry. ECCEDU stands out by bringing in real-life stakeholders as speakers, providing industry insights and expertise.

As we actively reach out to numerous professionals in the creative industry to collaborate with our program, rest assured that once we secure their participation, you will find them listed here and included in our program schedule.

The addition of Hospitality to our programs stems from the recognition of its significance in the face of the pandemic and current global crises. This sector has been heavily impacted and requires increased creativity and innovation for sustained success. Moreover, Hospitality plays a vital role in the economy of many regions, and the industry has experienced a loss of experienced professionals who have shifted focus to more viable and profitable areas. It is crucial to attract new talent and nurture their skills to ensure the industry’s continued growth and development.

In addition to engaging lectures and valuable internships, our program goes beyond by offering a diverse range of experiences. Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture, history, language, and cuisine of the host city. We provide orientation and guidance to help students navigate the city, and organize weekend trips and daily explorations to further enhance their experience. These elements contribute to a well-rounded international journey, broadening students’ horizons and fostering their development as global citizens. By exposing students to different viewpoints and ideas, we aim to equip them with the necessary skills to adapt, thrive abroad, and embrace diversity.

ECCEDU reserves the right to cancel a program should we not have a sufficient number of participants and/or should there be circumstances avoiding us to design and develop a program in the desired acceptable quality. ECCEDU will notify each applicant at least 4 weeks prior to the official program start. ECCEDU guarantees to work with each applicant individually on the best possible solution for both parties, including offering an alternative program at a different location and/or during a different time period, postponing the program to the following year, securing modified services such as an internship requested by the student, etc. ECCEDU will provide a full refund in case the program is fully cancelled and no alternatives are possible or acceptable for the applicant.