Good cause and meaningful projects – FaceUp Whistleblowing System

As we always strive to support a good cause and meaningful projects, this time we would like to introduce in more detail FaceUp (in the Czech Republic Nenech to být). Originally a student project set up to combat bullying in primary and secondary schools, FaceUp operates as an anonymous online helpline.

So that no child is afraid to speak up

Children can contact their school through FaceUp if they experience or witness anything wrong, whether it is bullying or any other issue they may have. This gives schools the opportunity to find out about issues that might otherwise remain hidden and, more importantly, to help resolve them. FaceUp is now a global company, helping in over 2,000 schools around the world and rapidly expanding into other areas and organizations.

Indeed, over time it has become clear that similar problems, albeit on a much broader spectrum, are being addressed by companies – from corruption, discrimination to bossing. And so the FaceUp team set out to help companies as well. Sensitive topics that are often not easy to raise in person in the workplace can be addressed by employees with the help of FaceUp platform.

At the same time, by introducing FaceUp as a whistleblowing tool, organizations meet their obligation under the Whistleblower Protection Act and EU whistleblowing directive. The whistleblowing system is used to receive, assess and deal with reports of unlawful or unethical behavior. It is therefore not just an instrument to communication, but an effective tool for detecting unlawful and unethical conduct within a company. 

Today, the FaceUp platform operates on several levels and anyone can use it to report anything that concerns them. Whether it is a student at school, an employee at work or even a citizen of a city. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact FaceUp team members directly.