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Welcoming reception

First-time meeting opportunity for students, company representatives, and eccedu team at our networking event.

Week 1

Career Development Orientation

Corporate Environment

People Strategy & HR

Product Design

Data Centre Visit

Personal Branding

Software Project Implementation


Ecological Footprint & its Consequences

Data Modelling

Week 2

Engineering Computer Project Modelling

Sensor Technology & Automotive

Product & Engineering Methodology

Artificial Intelligence & its Business Appliances

Intercultural Communication

Engineering Projects & Infrastructure

Product Management

Project Management

R&D Management

Corporate Innovations​

Week 3

Smart Buildings & Hardware

Sustainability & Circular Economy

Structural Analysis

Budgeting & Planning

Networking & Community Management


Industrial vs Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace (Field Trip)

Supply Chain Management

Customer Interactions​

Week 4 - 7


Graduation Ceremony

Receive your well-deserved certificates in a vibrant networking atmosphere at our grand event.