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Week 1

Career Development & Orientation

The World of IT and its Complexity

Engineering Leadership

Personal Branding


Data Centre

Data Management


Developer Experience

Hybrid Cloud

Taking Everyday AI into the Business World​

Week 2

Mobile Apps Development

Modern Frontend

QA and Testing

Artificial Intelligence & its Business Appliances


Software Copyright Protection

AI/Digital Twin

Inspirational Panel

Data Science Notebooks

API Maps​

Week 4 - 7


Week 3

Women Leadership

IT Security

Voice in IT


CRMs in Projects

Agile Project Management

Product Management


Networking & Community Management

Software Project Implementation​

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Data Management

In this lecture, we will explore the basics of data management. We will discuss topics such as data collection, organization, and analysis.

Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud lecture will discuss the pros and cons of using a hybrid cloud infrastructure for your business. We’ll cover topics such as scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness.

Modern Frontend

This lecture will cover the modern frontend landscape. We’ll discuss the various technologies that make up the frontend, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’ll also touch on some of the newer frameworks and libraries that are gaining popularity.

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Software Copyright Protection

This lecture covers an important topic in the software development world: copy protection. You’ll learn about the different methods used to protect software and the pros and cons of each. This lecture is a must-watch for any developer who wants to keep their work safe from piracy.

Artificial Intelligence & its Business Appliances

This lecture will explore how businesses are using artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and productivity. We will also discuss the ethical considerations of AI and its implications for the future of work.

Software Project Implementation

This lecture will provide you with an overview of how to successfully implement a software project. We’ll cover everything from project planning to quality assurance, and you’ll come away with a solid understanding of the process.